Let’s Geek Out!

I am not alone when I say we love geeking out over all the things at Elevator Up. This comes in many forms such as Google’s announcement of products, (Check out our Instagram, the team really got into it) to ideas of being goat farmers in Iceland (ahem- Amelie & Jim, I am talking about you.)

When Aaron was in St. Louis we had lots of chats on how we can grow our company.  One of those chats leads to a rant about how science fiction is an awesome medium to communicate ideas, not only ideas that progress a story but also have an impact in our world today. Boom! Nerd card is on the table. I became extremely fascinated by this concept back in high school when we were reading Lord of the Flies. I still remember Mr. VanZanten teaching us about macrocosm and microcosm – it was incredible! William Golding’s analysis of the world and how WWII impacted him still resonates with me today.

It’s hard not to see what this genre has done for our society from William Gibson’s book in 1984 “Neuromancer” which predicted cyberspace and computer hackers, (I know, right?! Mind blown)

to one of the creators of the genre itself Jules Verne who wrote a book in 1865 “From the Earth to the Moon.” It’s not hard to see that this topic is getting more traction from universities having courses in technocultural studies that started in 2012.

MIT Media Lab takes it a step further using classic and modern elements of science fiction to create functional prototypes. There are classes like “Science Fiction to Science Fabrication” where students make robot arms like in Star Wars, to a “Sensory Fiction” class where students learn to create an “immersive reading experience” using lights, sounds, sensors, and even a wearable. The wearable gets hotter and lights get brighter if the main character was at, say, a beach. It could also vibrate in a pattern similar to a heartbeat to simulate the character’s heartbeat in the story during intense or relaxing scenes.

We all love a great story, especially at Elevator Up! Our Slack channel is filled with articles on the aforementioned topics. That’s why we love working with businesses to learn what their story is and how we can help them with digital transformation. We geek out with excitement to develop an experience for their story.

Tell us your story and send us your thoughts! I said before we are giddy with excitement to help.

Until next time,

Justin Heuss, Business Development

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