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We are problem solvers.

I have had this internal struggle with sales. It was something I have always had a passion for – from selling painted rocks door to door with my sister in Dallas, TX at age 5  to selling creative services B2B. The struggle was in part from my job while in college the “ever dreaded telemarketing” gig. Yep, I did that. The tactics and strategies that companies use do not work. We have all heard don’t do feature/benefit selling do consultative selling. Read these books. Do this and do that – no one likes that and everyone likes this way of selling.

My goal here is to provide real world insight into the sales process but also taking a note from design thinking and human-centered design. Let’s take a step back and see what it would be like if we were more intentional with our approach. As an industry, we have to stop with the ego’s and start with the client’s problem. Ask more questions around their pain-points in order to hear more of their journey. The solution will float to the top if we listen more and talk less.

I would love to hear your stories on what did not work instead of the all too many “hero stories” that so many sales people have. What would happen if we explored those “failure stories” more? Thanks again for visiting my site and feel free to leave comments or reach out to me directly!